What foods and supplements are right for you?

Our experts can analyze your metabolic situation for free and plan the best strategy to achieve your goals with the help of superfoods and supplements designed for you.

The personalized plan is so effective to take you the results you want



We process your exact profile in 5 minutes

  • Your genetic optimization
  • Analysis of your weight gain
  • Features of your somatotype
  • Tips for your nutrition
  • Sleep quality evaluation


Custom plan

We develop a complete 360-degree plan for you

  • Lifestyle tips
  • List of functional foods
  • Example of a weekly menu
  • Micronutrients supplementation
  • Physical activity and breathing tips



With our experts we support you throughout your journey

  • Lifelong learning
  • Nutrition Room
  • Constant insights
  • Customized consultations

Best-selling superfoods and nutritional supplements

Shop our supplements based on your goal

Why should you choose
Swiss Natural Med?

  • We put our experts at your disposal to follow you throughout the journey.
  • We select the best superfoods and micronutrients (natural food supplements) suited to your goal.
  • Thanks to innovative extraction and processing techniques we make the active ingredients more concentrated, safe, bioavailable and absorbable for greater efficacy.
  • Our supplements they are formulated with ingredients from nature, such as herbs, plants, fruits and other natural compounds, which offer health benefits without the use of chemicals or artificial substances.
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