100% GMO organic pasta: a true paradox

Avoid 100% GMO organic pasta, choose ANTIKI SAPORI: food products made with certified ancient durum wheat and without GMOs.

1. Most wheat is GMO

The European Court of Justice has issued a sentence that has shocked the agricultural and food world: since 1953 all plants obtained by mutagenesis with gamma rays or chemical mutagens have been defined as GMOs.

This also includes durum wheat, the most used variety for the production of pasta, bread and bakery products.

This ruling has created a paradox in organic farming, since many durum wheat-based organic products have also been defined as GMOs, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

2. Beware of 100% GMO organic pasta

This raises concerns about the genuineness and safety of durum wheat-based organic foods, since one could buy wholemeal organic pasta convinced that they are consuming a healthy food, but which is in reality a 100% GMO food.

Beware of 100% GMO organic pasta

3. Choose consciously and responsibly, avoid 100% GMO organic pasta

For this reason, it is increasingly important to opt for food products that guarantee the use of ancient varieties of durum wheat, identifiable through genetic tests which confirm the authenticity of the variety used.

These products offer the guarantee of a more genuine and safe food, free from mutagenic technologies, which contributes to a more balanced and healthy diet.

ANTIKI SAPORI functional foods offer a conscious and responsible choice for a tasty and healthy cuisine.

Made with Cappelli certified GMO-free ancient durum wheat, these products are the ideal solution for those looking for an authentic, quality alternative.

4. Conclusion: choose ANTIKI SAPORI functional foods

Each ANTIKI SAPORI functional food is marked with a certification symbol, which guarantees that an external laboratory has confirmed the authenticity of the ancient variety used.

Choosing ANTIKI SAPORI functional foods means taking care of your health and the environment, helping to preserve biodiversity and food quality.

Rediscover the authentic taste of pasta and foods based on ancient durum wheat with ANTIKI SAPORI. Buy now and enjoy tasty and healthy cooking, without compromising on the quality and authenticity of your foods.

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