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Our mission

In a market saturated with food supplements, It is often difficult for people to distinguish products based on their quality. Many people end up making decisions based on price due to a lack of knowledge related to the technical details.

We firmly believe that incorporating high-quality macro and micronutrients into a healthy lifestyle is essential.
However, the key lies not only in the quality of the product, but also in thescientific approach to their consumption.
Our mission is to educate consumers about the importance of precision nutrition and the importance of choosing supplements wisely best in terms of safety and efficacy.

We believe in a healthier, more informed worldview of nutrition

To ensure the highest quality, We subject our products to a rigorous testing process.
We carry out over 900 different tests on various products through internationally accredited independent laboratories. This ensures maximum safety, purity and effectiveness of our supplements. Furthermore, we maintain maximum transparency by publishing all test results online. 

At Swiss Natural Med we are committed to your health and well-being.

Our vision

Our story

My name is Derry Procaccinifounder of Swiss Natural Med and currently in addition to directing this extraordinary project, I hold the role of President of Swiss Academy of Advanced Nutrition. My passion is to share mine experience of over 25 years of study, research and development in this field e every day I am committed to promoting health through healthy foods and natural supplements.

After various studies in different disciplines, including the Kinesiology, Systemic and Regenerative Medicine, , Advanced Nutrition, I dedicated a lot of time to the application of nutrition in sports, obtaining a specialization in Sports Nutrition and subsequently working with many elite teams and athletes.

For this I started to develop natural products and supplements that could improve the health and well-being of athletes but also of people.
I believed in the importance of integrating science and research to create safer, more effective and qualitative solutions than those currently available.

Swiss Natural Med is the realization of this vision.

Our company is committed to offering high quality products, formulated based on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of advanced nutrition.

We have created a line of superfoods

Over time our production has expanded beyond supplements with new ones superfood from the ANTIKI Sapori line, born with the aim of making the foods we eat on a daily basis safer and with the greatest amount of nutrients possible, thanks to ancient raw materials such as ancient hat wheat.

Ancient raw materials

never subjected to artificially induced genetic modifications


to offer you foods with more beneficial active ingredients


for your safety and well-being

We continue to innovate for your well-being

Thanks to the collaboration with leading experts and prestigious universities, we continue to constantly improve our free test already available online.
This advanced analytical tool allows you to evaluate your personal situation in detail, allowing us to offer you personalized advice on supplements, foods and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.
This particular attention towards our customers favors the rapid achievement of the set objectives.
You can count on us throughout the entire journey, we will make all our experts available to you to increase your culture, and let you try the effectiveness of the latest innovations in wellness.

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