Lose weight in a healthy way

Weight and microcirculation

Losing weight sometimes becomes a challenge, because it can be difficult to stick to the diet, so we have developed natural weight loss supplements that can be easily incorporated into a personalized meal plan, thus increasing their effectiveness. With our support, you can embark on a weight loss journey in a natural and sustainable way.

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Thanks to the new Personal Wellness Coaching® you can have the right advice to reach your goals easier and faster.

Ganoderma Lucidum with high titration >40% in polysaccharides
60cps / 33g


Whey protein and essential amino acids from vegetable fermentation, all in one
Powder / 500g-700g


Essential amino acids (EAA) from vegetable fermentation, polyphenols, B vitamins and folic acid
200cps / 270g


Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid
60cps / 27g


The ideal kit to best nourish your body
Powerday: powder / 300g
Immunare: 60 cps / 51g
Nigthrelax: 60cps / 32.9g

The original price was: €84.00.The current price is: €72.00.

Latest generation probiotics for the intestine
30cps / 15g


Perfect combination before a performance
Bioamine: 200 cps / 270g
Hydracell: 60 cps / 27g
Reishi: 60 cps / 33g

The original price was: €111.00.The current price is: €99.00.

High absorption curcumin, zinc, copper, selenium, vit. D, vitamin K2, probiotics
Biocurcumin: 60 softgels / 12g
Immunare: 60 cps / 51g
Pro-Bio24: 30 caps

The original price was: €91.00.The current price is: €79.00.

Micronized potassium bicarbonate, proteins enriched with amino acids, collagen and hyaluronic acid
Powerday: powder / 300g
New Whey 100%: powder / 700g
Hydracell: 60 cps / 27g

The original price was: €105.00.The current price is: €93.00.

What does our Personal Wellness Coaching® do?

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  1. The analysis of your fitness status and your possible nutritional deficiencies.
  2. A personalized plan with guidance on the foods, supplements and workouts that are right for you.
  3. The continuous support of our professionals to help you achieve your goals!

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